Mantania Location


"Stefani", "Krania", "Doliana", "Kallirroi" and "Dragovitsi" with the beautiful view, that was renamed to "Polythea". "Tzoyrtzia", "Anthousa", "Katafyto" and finally "'Chaliki" are calling you in order to offer you these that you cannot find in the big urban centres. Mantania Tower is found in a green all around forest by firs, chestnut trees and oaks, in the region "Three Rivers" of "Aspropotamos", near the village "Kalliroi". It is the heart of "Aspropotamo's" forestal cluster in the south-west of the Prefecture of Trikala. The beginning of flow of the river Acheloos or Aspropotamos, as they call it in the region. Eight forests together compose a unique for our country in extent and beauty forest. In the Alpine meadows of mountain "Lakmonos" Acheloos is given birth and his infantile name Aspropotamos characterizes the around villages. In the waters of the river, the known trout of "Aspropotamos" exists in wild situation, while in the forests , mammals such as the fox, the bear, the hare, the wild cat, the wild boar and the ibex, exist.

Τοποθεσία Πύργος Μαντάνια Τοποθεσία2 Πύργος Μαντάνια
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