Mantania Places

The interior walls are painted by painters with an antiquated technique of erasing with a sponge on hand. The ceilings are wooden with patine and paintings. The light fittings and all the objects that constitute the internal decor are handmade and unique.

In the comfortable lounge of Mantania Tower, there is a bar where the visitor can taste the amazing local liquers, made by dogwood berries, forest blackberries, nut or black cherry. In the communal areas of Mantania Tower, there are playroom, presentations hall with capacity of 40 people and the amfitheatre with 130 seats, which impresses for its entire construction.

he stone and the wood, the main materials of the architecture of Epirus, are combined succesfully with intense colours in the internal areas. Red, yellow, green and blue create a mexican atmosphere that fascinates the visitor.

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